Sun Wakasa Honey Plus 17oz

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 SunWakasa Honey Plus

We created a new formulation of Wakasa in response to our customer requests.

Imagine being able to regenerate and revitalize your whole body in a delicious way. Sun Wakasa Honey Plus combines honey with a concentrated serving of chlorella's most unique and powerful nutrient

Renews your body;

  • Leaves you feeling energized, refreshed, alert and strong;
  • Slows down the appearance of aging;
  • Provides your body with a complex mixture of nucleic acids, amino acids, beta glucans, peptides, polysaccharides and other special nutrients;
  • Tastes delicious – a rich, slightly sweet flavor with a hint of lemony tartness;
  • Is easy to add to juice, tea, water, smoothies or simply drink plain.
  • Comes in a specially designed dark glass bottle to reduce nutrient loss and preserves freshness


Researchers point to CGF as the key factor in chlorella's astounding ability to reproduce so quickly and thrive for over 540 million years on this earth.

But its benefits are not limited to chlorella . . .

The term "growth factor" is an overarching term that encompasses thousands of molecules found in different organisms.  Essentially, growth factors stimulate cells to grow, reproduce and differentiate.

Chlorella's growth factor is special.  It's not found in any other algae.  And it stands out among growth factors found in all species. Scientists attribute the growth factor in chlorella to chlorella's remarkable ability to quadruple its cells in less than 20 hours.

But best of all, it's something your body can use as well.

It safely and effectively supports your body in building and regenerating tissues, revitalizing your entire body.


After careful harvesting, cleaning and checking the chlorella for purity, we extract the CGF for Sun Wakasa Gold Plus using centrifuges.

Through this process, you get the concentrated CGF of Sun Wakasa Gold Plus. As you can see, this concentrated CGF will change the way you feel from your head down to your toes.

But as good as this process is for extracting pure CGF, there was a problem . . . This liquid nutrition provided the perfect breeding ground for unwanted microbes.

However, the idea of contaminating this beautiful nutrition with a harsh preservative was equally unpalatable.

So our researchers got to work and developed the perfect solution . . .

We preserve the CGF nutrition simply by mixing it with one of Nature's oldest preservatives, honey.

No contaminants, no artificial preservatives – only pure CGF nutrition with a hint of plum essence and sweet honey . . .

Now you can see why Sun Wakasa Honey Plus gives you delicious nutrition that revitalizes you from head to toe . . .

Sun Wakasa Honey Plus goes perfectly in a cup of tea, juice or simply as a morning treat.

But don't take our word for it . . . try it for yourself!


-More CGF! The CGF in these new products is not only more concentrated, but there's also more of it. (15% more in Wakasa Honey Plus)

-More in each serving! Because the new formulas are more concentrated, you take less each day and still get more of the benefits you've come to expect.

-More CGF for your money! The new, 500 ml (17 fl.oz.) bottles of Sun Wakasa PlusTM has more CGF per serving than the current bottles, available for a lower price.

-More convenience! The smaller, lighter weight bottles are easier to carry and will fit snugly in your refrigerator or cooler.

Please note: For best results, we recommend you take Sun Wakasa Honey Plus along with Sun Chlorella tablets. Sun Wakasa Honey Plus provides concentrated CGF. But it does not contain all the nutrition found in the rest of the chlorella algae, like chlorophyll and special detoxifying fiber


Supplement Facts
Service Size: .5 oz
Servings Per Container: 34
Ingredient Amount % Daily Value**
Calories 35  
Total Carbohydrates 9g 3
Sugars 9g  
Sodium 25mg 1
Proprietary Blend 19.3g  
-Chlorella extract    
-Plum essence    
** Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
† Daily Value not established.

Shake well before each use. The suggested daily serving is 1/2 oz., which is the middle line on the enclosed measuring cup. Store in a cool, dry place until opened. After opening, reseal with the cap and refrigerate. Use within 45 days after opening.