Secure Shopping

We know shopping online can be scary (we are customers too) and, until you buy the first time, you never really know who you are dealing with.

So, before we talk about's great security features to protect you, here is a bit of information about how the merchant's (the online store) side of the transaction works.

Online Security - From the Merchant's Perspective

When a customer places an online order, payment has already been received and process. The payment is processed via a 3rd party service that should be a big, well-known company that processes payments (e.g., PayPal, Google Checkout,

Payment is received by them and, once everything has cleared, the payment is deposited in the merchant's bank account.

If a customer ever decides to dispute a charge on his or her credit card, that money is immediately taken from the merchant and a letter (or email) is sent to notify of the chargeback. At this point, it is up to the merchant to prove to the customer's credit card company that the charge is valid.


You should make every effort to ensure you are shopping with a trustworthy and reliable merchant when buying products online. Fortunately, the credit card companies will work to protect their customers (you) in the event of a mischarge or fraudulent transaction.'s Security Features to Protect Our Customers

  • Secure Checkout
  • SSL Encrypted Checkout Process
  • Zero Physical Storage of Credit Card and/or Personal Information
  • Secure Checkout
  • 256-bit Encryption

About the SSL Security Feature

Our SSL Certificate on protects your information flowing to and from our site from cyber thieves intent on stealing personal data. Names, addresses, passwords, account and credit card numbers – all are safe when submitted to with our top quality SSL.