Renew Life CandiZYME

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Renew Life CandiZYME

Multi-Enzyme, Anti-Fungal Formula for Yeast Overgrowth

  • SmartZYME™ blend for more potent enzymes
  • Supports healthy balance of yeast organisms
  • Helps break down sugars and carbohydrates before they can ferment or be used by yeast
  • Fights Candida overgrowth & helps break down cellulose (vegetable fiber) & yeast cells
  • Effective alone or with CandiGONE

What is Yeast Overgrowth?

Candida albicans is a microscopic yeast organism found in the human digestive tract. If yeast is allowed to grow out of control it may lead to fatigue, brain fog, sugar cravings, gas and bloating, recurrent vaginal infections or bladder infections, and more.

CandiZYME is a powerful enzyme formula to support the detoxification of yeast overgrowth and promote a balanced intestinal environment. It was formulated to use during cleansing and afterwards for daily maintenance. CandiZYME utilizes enzymes to help balance intestinal flora. It includes protease to help digest protein; cellulase and hemicellulase to help digest cellulose; lactase to help digest milk sugar; and lipase to help digest fats and oils.

What is a healthy flora balance? Trillions of bacteria and other microbes live in the digestive tract. The entire population of organisms is called the intestinal flora, and maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora promotes overall digestive tract and immune health. In addition to CandiZYME, helpful dietary changes while addressing yeast overgrowth:

  • Avoid or reduce intake of sugar
  • Avoid or reduce intake of refined carbs
  • Avoid foods that contain mold or yeast
  • Avoiding artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors