Green Herb Inc. Eliminies™

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Green Herb Inc. Eliminies™

Eliminies™—Herbal Cleanser for Kids

By Green Herb™

A Powerful Herbal Cleanser Designed Especially for Kids

Green Herb Elimination™ contains a potent blend of organic herbs developed by European master herbalist Dr. Bernard Barber, especially for children.

Each bottle contains 80 chewable tablets with a fun, natural fruity flavor.

Contains the following herbs:

Curcurbitapepo (Pumpkin seed), Juglansnigra (Black Walnut), Tabebuiaavellanedae (Pau D’Arco), Silybummarianum (St. Mary’s thistle), Oleaeuropaea (Olive leaf), Artemisia annua (Wormwood), Thymus vulgaris (Thyme leaf), Syzygiumaromaticum (Clove bud).

What makes our product unique?

  • Triple the amount of active ingredients
  •  No yeast, gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, soy or any animal products
  • Completely vegan
  • 100% natural—No artificial colors or flavors
  • Lab tested in a TGA facility
  • Certified Kosher

We strongly recommend balancing Green Herb Elimination™by taking a natural probiotic simultaneously.

Let Your ChildStart Feeling Fresh Today!